Mojeek Focus Released

Hey @all, today we’ve taken Focus from being a thing that’s accessible and visible with a manually-added cookie, to something which anyone can easily access.

Those who had a cookie with:


sat in their browser no longer need it in order to see this at the bottom of their Preferences.

If you haven’t tried it before now, you can easily do so by jumping to the Dashboard.

There’s a recipies-without-the-author’s-lifestory Focus that I’ve been using quite a lot in the Templates. As with anything like this, feedback is always greatly appreciated.


Mojeek Focus is not shown by default.

Follow these steps to activate Focus.

How To Set Up Mojeek Focus

  1. Open the Focus Dashboard :link:
  2. Toggle the option for “Results page”.
  3. Toggle the option for “Search bar”.
  4. Return to your search.
  5. Click in the search box to select a Focus Engine.
  6. Or, click on the Focus tab to select an Engine.

Users of Focus will notice we’ve included four example Templates. I’ve found all of them useful for doing common utility searches, so I have Focus always turned on. Even if you don’t set up your own Focus engines you will likely find these useful for Dictionary, Recipe, Time and Date, and Weather searches.

Usually these will get you to useful results faster than using Web search. They provide a similar utility to “Instant Answers” but in a way that is more supportive of the open Web. You can see the sites we’ve included in the image below, or in the dashboard.

In the spirit of supporting the open Web, please share any useful sites that you suggest we could add to these Templates.

You can, of course, tweak these Templates, according to your personal preferences. Simply hit the “Use a template” button and the Focus edit screen will show up where you can rename the Template as you own, then tweak and use it as you prefer.

Thanks @mike for a really great explainer on how to set-up.

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