News Template and Customizing the Right Column

Continuing the discussion from Mojeek Focus Released:

Have we talked about creating a News template?

We get news results in the right column. But it makes sense to me to have a Focus template for news.

In connection with that, would it be possible to place arbitrary Focus results in the right column? For example, if I customize my News template could I then place the first three results from my News focus engine in my non-Focus searches?

Presently Focus works on th Web index. Our News search is a separate index.

So creating a Focus for news sites, can be done. Actually I have one that I tested a little myself but not invested much time in developing and testing yet. As it stands results will appear, of course, on the left column and will be those from the part of the Web index defined by the Focus engine.

Currently we have no plans to combine Focus with News but these are interesting questions, thank you.

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