Hello @all, we’ve got another new piece of functionality for testing, and this one is a bit different.

What this is

The Maps Beta combines OpenStreetMap data with work done in house to give you a privacy-preserving and searchable map of the world.

How to test it out

Much like with Focus, you can access this functionality with an FFID cookie using the value eiSoh7ii on path /. This method is spelled out in full for Gecko/Chromium on Mojeek Focus: Introduction and How to set-up you just need to change the cookie value. You should then get Maps on a homepage refresh, as well as being able to find it at: https://www.mojeek.com/maps

A couple of points to help you use it:

  • the bar in the top left allows you to enter a location and go directly there
  • ctrl clicking the map lets you angle it, and if you’re zoomed in sufficiently then you should be able to see some 3d buildings

Looking forward to see any comments, issues, recommendations, questions… whatever comes up!


This is so cool!

It reminds me of Qwant maps. I thought their maps feature had a lot of potential, but unfortunately it seems like development has stalled over there. You could take some inspiration from it, though.

I think that you would need at least navigation to have this be interesting for public beta. Personally, I would also like to see information cards about places and businesses. OpenStreetmap lets you add businesses with quite some information, but finding those businesses and their information is a bit tricky. I think there’s a lot of value in a user-friendly solution for that.

I could give you pages and pages of idea’s in regard to a maps feature. But perhaps I shouldn’t overload you with my idea’s? Especially because I have idea’s that would probably not be executable at this moment (because of the amount of development needed).

After a bit of some more testing, I have some more feedback. This time it’s more focussed on what’s already there rather than on new features that would be nice.



I think that the search function could use some improvements. And how the results are displayed as well. For instance, I was testing out searching for Brussels in a few languages. In my test, I got to the capital of Belgium and Europe In German (Brüssel), French (Bruxelles) and English (Brussels). This might seem obvious, but wait for the Dutch.

When I search for the Dutch term for Brussels “Brussel”, I end up somewhere in Antwerp (Belgium). When I zoom in, I can see that there’s a business call “Brussel”. At this point, I should note that the maps function isn’t clear in what the result to a search exactly is. Sometimes it’s a city, sometimes a street and sometimes a building or business. For every search, the result is marked with a green marker on the map which is a great way to point to the result on the map, but it’s not clear at first sight what is marked. You need to zoom in to figure out what the result to your search is. That is, if you can figure this out (more on that later). This makes the maps feature a great tool to find and locate locations, but less so a tool to gather information about that location.


Nokia is a situation where I might mean the company or the town. When I search for “Nokia”, I end up in Antwerp. Zooming in results in a building in the centre of Antwerp without any label or indication as to why my search results to that location. If I go and look on OSM, I see that there’s a node for a telecom business called “Nokia”. This doesn’t show up on the Mojeek map.

A search of “Nokia Finland” results into the train station of Nokia. If I searched for “Nokia company”, I ended up in an untagged location in Kirkuk, Iraq. A search on OpenStreetMap.org taught me that there’s a dentist that doesn’t show up on Mojeek. Besides that, I also have to notice that the street name doesn’t show up on Mojeek. Is this because of the Arabic names? I also discovered that there is a telecom office with the words “nokia” and “company” in the English name on the resulting location for my “Nokia company” search.

I tried a few other “Nokia” related searches, but the most notable mention that I have to report is that “Nokia hq” results in the village of Nokia.

Double locations

Searching for Boston, I ended up in England, while the USA version is bigger. When searching for Belgium, I ended up in the country which is bigger than the USA town. So there doesn’t seem to be a preference for bigger. A search for “New York” results in the village in the county Tyne and Wear. I’m starting to think that there’s a preference for location outside the USA :stuck_out_tongue:

No results

When there are no results for a search, I get a javascript popup telling me that there are no results. This popup also appears when I hit the ‘clear’ button in the search bar. I wouldn’t expect that popup when I want to clear the search bar.

Showing icons for nodes

Some nodes in OSM get an icon that is shown in Mojeek maps as well. One of those nodes is that of a garden. I’m not sure if this garden node is intended for private gardens around houses, but I came across an area where this node is used in such way

The amount of gardens here might be distracting of other, more important locations.

So now I wonder if this is something we should fix on OpenStreetmap or this is something where OpenStreetMap is filled in correctly, but the Mojeek side needs some tweeking?

So far my testing for now. I’ll probably try out some more stuff later on. If I have more remarks, I’ll let you know.


@Videonas Many thanks. This is very useful feedback. We are looking at details.

You’re welcome. Btw, after reading back my feeback, I just wanted to point out this maps feature is still a great start to see. It’s my enthousiasme that resulted in such long post.

I wasn’t sure if that was obvious from my post. I wrote it late at night and now I find that it might sound a bit critical :sweat_smile: . Know that I really love the this maps feature and I just want to see it become a success. Keep up the good work!:clap::tada:


Very cool idea, I think we need a fast and beautiful map that’s easier to use than OSM site.

Personally I’d like to see 2 features I need the most: place/location sharing (easy) and public transport navigation (hard).

Things I like of the actual version of the maps:

  • simplicity in the objects shown and relaxing colors of the roads
  • high visibility of the bus/tram stops


  • layers (satellite!)
  • option to disable 3D buildings
  • reviews of places (I don’t if it’s out of scope, could be integrated with mangrove.reviews)
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I’d like to drop a manual pin into the map, get a list of nearby restaurants, select a nearby public transportation route, and highlight that route on my map.

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I have two questions. If I want to contribute points of interest to the Mojeek map then I should contribute to OpenStreetMap? And, if I add locations to OpenStreetMap then when will Mojeek pull in the new data? Thanks,

When I search for a country, the map zooms into a random part of that country. I expect to see the entire country instead.

This might have to be customized. For example, I would expect to see the lower forty-eight states opposed to a maps view that included Guam, Puerto Rico, and Alaska accurately.

Also, please add a Feedback link to the maps page.

And, will Maps be added to the Web, Images, and News tabs on the results page? Implicitly, clicking on that tab would submit the search terms to to maps.


This is correct, and it will be updated based upon an automation (still working on this) which will likely be in the range of 7-30 days.


Yes, when this functionality is ready then it will be available in this way.

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Noted and looking into this one also :pray:


Searching for Manipur zooms into the main body of India whereas the state is located in Northeast India along the border with Myanmar. In fact, the correct location is printed on the map.

Strange one this; try as I might I cannot replicate it currently across browsers. I’ll put a bookmark in to get some further questions asked when someone’s leave ends so we can ask the right questions and see what’s happening :pray:

I’m guessing this is the only location you’re finding that behaviour for?

I sent a reply to aloe. This is the only location where I’m having an issue. But, maybe we’re not on the same page. My search zoomed into the pin shown. I zoomed out to show Manipur on the eastern border. Generally, there seem to be issues where Maps will find a small locale and focus on that. So, I just meant this to be another test case. I don’t think there is anything special about this case.

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Cheers, formatwise that email is very useful!

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Ok, good to know. My new Linux distro saved my recording as webm. Discourse won’t accept that. So I attached it to an e-mail.

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Maps was able to find the county seat of Martin County.

The only issue might be that political borders like county/parish and state are not shown at this level of zoom.

on this one (and thanks for the video) we’ll be fixing it at some point :pray:

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I can’t find the country of Mozambique.

Maybe those are artificial islands with honorary names.