Site Clustering

Our normal results cluster by site meaning that you will only see one result for each site.

When it comes to Focus, it is very likely that a different approach will be needed and so for the initial version, we have decided to completely disable site clustering. This being said it is very much an open question as to what kind of clustering would be useful.

Both theoretical and practical points are very much appreciated; you can set it manually using ‘si’, here’s an example using just regular Mojeek search:

regular, with no amends to clustering (one result/site)

si parameter added, 10 results from reddit before others

I don’t have a problem with clustering being turned off by default. But all my Focus engines have sites included. So I would probably turn clustering off if it was not already disabled.

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ah - that explains why i was seeing different results with a Focus template verses before

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The idea here is that you might, for example, just want to search across 2/3 forums, for which having only 2/3 results might not necessarily be the best experience.

yup - i get it and that makes good sense, but what if one creates an empty template with no sites for general searches in order to exclude spammy sites or whatever

in that instance i think clustering should be enabled, but at what point it should be disabled, i don’t know

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So on this, in Focus: if you have includes then the clustering changes, but if it’s just excludes/no sites included, clustering is still as default.

i tend to think that’s the right way to go given the focus of Focus, if you will

if someone takes the time to add domains to a Focus “template” (i’m calling them templates because “engines” doesn’t make sense to me), then they probably want to see all results for the domain(s) they added, especially if only 1 or a few domains are added

so my vote at this time is to stick with no clustering for Focus

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