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An update to Mojeek Focus, pushed today, now allows you to choose if you have clustering active; in case you’re reading this and don’t want to delve into the linked post above, clustering affects how many results you see per site, be default there is No clustering and so you just see as many results per site as are relevant. This is different from the regular Mojeek web search, which will show 1 result per site.

To try this out, just scroll down to the bottom of your Focus Dashboard and you’ll see this new option under Search bar.

As with everything like this, please let us know how you find it, either here, via the Contact Page, or aloe at mojeek dot com.

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I had two issues an issue with site clustering today.

The Focus-related ‘Results per domain’ will not let me choose the value ‘1 result’ today. I did not have a problem yesterday.

Screen capture of Focus results per domain changing from one to ten on its own.

Second, I had to resave the setting for normal search results–Results per domain–back to ‘unlimited’. It had changed to the default.

I looked over the setting for regular search results. I typically have it set to unlimited. But I don’t think I made that change in the browser profile I’m using now.

It seems to be a visual bug.

Screenshot_2022-08-16_15-29-15 - Screen capture of cookie showing the value one

Thanks @mike. I seem to have noticed that problem about the same time as you and have reported it. Your details are helpful.

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@mike it has just been fixed and deployed

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Thanks @Colin.

Screen capture of the Results per domain setting showing the 1 result value.