Repairable Phones

There are a few threads about phones here.

But we don’t have a discussion for repairable phones with a mainstream OS.


Nokia is releasing a repairable phone in the US this month.

the most interesting thing about this phone is that it’s part of HMD’s self-repair line of devices, which means you can find genuine replacement parts, repair tools, and repair guides at iFixit, allowing you to replace batteries, screens, ports, and back covers


I hope the HMD/Nokia device manages to live up to the promise. I have owned HMD devices in the past and I was not impressed.

Beyond the iFixit guides, you can also find some spare parts on They are a premium spare parts reseller, so likely more expensive than eBay, but in some cases brand new.

I specifically bought my current phone because it has a 5 year warranty and promises 10 years of availability for spare parts.


There’s also the fairphone. The 5th generation is being prepared for release which could possibly get 8 years of software support.

If you’re from the US: the fairphone 4 will only be available with /e/ OS at the moment, though. Fairphone 4—the repairable, sustainable smartphone—is coming to the US | Ars Technica


Fairphone 5 with de-Googled eOS for UK.