Removal of Bing Images

I’m sure that there are few here who are not aware of recent changes to Bing’s offering.

A combination of this and people having asked us in the past to drop them has meant that now we have done so.

Instead you have Search-Choice-like buttons which allow you to repeat the image search elsewhere, with Pixabay being now the only provider on Mojeek’s Image Search.

We are looking at this area currently with a view to putting something different in its place, no timescales currently in mind, but watch this space.


FYI, image search just errors for me now:

This page isn’t redirected you too many times.
Try clearing your cookies.

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Hey @Jags,

Thanks for reporting this. We’ve identified the issue and pushed a fix out. Please can you re-test it and let me know if all good for you?

I’ve tested with success as has a colleague, but would be good to have you confirm it too :slight_smile:



It works :slightly_smiling_face:

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Wouldn’t it be an idea to have user definable buttons for image search like you have for web search?

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That’s a great idea @Videonas, we’ll put it on the list to look at internally, cheers :pray:

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@Josh - i’m curious as to what the technical problems are with indexing images?

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It’s simply a case of resources; adding in images would means less gets devoted to web search. We’re not dead set on leaving that to third parties, but for the moment it isn’t a thing we’re looking to do in-house in the near future.

so it’s the physical storage of images then?

if so, that’s kind of what i thought, and so i was wondering if that problem could be circumvented with some tech - for example, creating digital signatures (simple hashes) of images that reference an image file name and a URL - kind of like TinEye does

not physical storage, but resources used to crawl, index, and to categorise.