Openverse Images

Following on from the Removal of Bing Images, we have added in a new source: Openverse!

Openverse is a search engine for openly-licensed media which gives you access to over 700 million Creative Commons licensed and public domain image (and audio files, but this functionality doesn’t include these).

We’re going to do more public announcement work around this, but as a spot for some of the keenest followers of Mojeek it obviously is best said here first. You can select these on the Images tab, as well as switching it out as your default in Preferences, if you so desire.

If you’d like to help us make some noise about it, keep your eyes peeled in the usual spaces for some comms next week :pray:

EDIT: Oh and it was also suggested before in this very forum (Proposal: Replace Pixabay with Openverse (an opensource community driven alternative)) :smile:.


I like it and it fits better with Mojeek’s privacy mission than Bing images did.

Nice touch putting search choices right up front.


It works pretty well! I’m already finding useful images:


Image by protohiro, CC BY 2.0: Cats love linux | Jimmy is interested in my computer. As you… | Flickr