Mojeek Android App

Hello, all.

I noticed the other day that the Mojeek Android app has not received an update since August 12th, 2022. Is the app dead? When can users expect a new update?

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Mine works just fine. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

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Lack of updates notwithstanding, it still should be a functional way of searching on Mojeek for those wanting to use it. The site is designed to be mobile-first and will work just as well in your mobile browser as your desktop.

Is there anything in particular you think could improve the app, out of interest?

always a good mantra to live by

Nope. I was just wondering and wasn’t sure if the app was still in active development or not since it hasn’t received an update since August 12th, 2022. Thank you for your response.

no worries, I’m glad it was useful

In my case, I was hoping to use the Maps beta on my tablet. But I don’t have a way to set a cookie.

It would be nice if the app could participate in the betas.

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FYI, the app version of Mojeek isn’t the same as the web version. If I do searches like 32 * 6 and Warhammer in the app I don’t get the calculator and infobox respectively, which makes the app experience less useful. Also I noticed that the results for 32 * 6 were similar but different in the app.

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