Focus Testing Category

Hello @all, we’ve now unlocked the Focus Testing Category and encourage you to try out and feedback upon this new piece of functionality.

Focus is a tool which allows you to search the web you want; in this early version you can use includes or excludes in order to search across a specific subset of websites from the index, or to remove sites from a search.

In order to get started, there is an Introduction/Set Up post here; if you have any issues then please feel free to ping me or DM.

We’re not looking to be overly-prescriptive with how to use this tool, but some ideas so far within the team have been across-dictionary searches (adding together Merriam Webster, Collins, and Urban, for example) and recipe searches (searching across only websites which don’t have tonnes of messaging up top).

If you’re interested in either of these to test it out, here they are:

Dictionary Search


Recipe Search


You can add them to your dashboard using the “Restore” button; if you want to share any of your creations then use “Backup.” We are looking to change this system in time and off the back of user feedback.