Z-index issue

It’s a small thing, but it’s annoying the perfectionist in me. I noticed that there’s a Z-index issue on mobile pages. See the screenshots

I saw that on the Vivaldi Browser, the brave browser and the Qwant browser, this popup doesn’t show up. Tor Browser loads the popup on ‘safer’ and ‘standard’ security levels. On security level ‘safest’, the popup doesn’t get loaded. In none of the settings, the images are loaded.

On all instances that I saw the popup on my mobile, it had a lower Z-index than the search bar. I didn’t immediately find a way to get the popup to work on my laptop to troubleshoot and suggest a fix.

Could you fix this if you have some time and solth my inner autist?

Thanls in advance.

Thanks for flagging this, I’ll raise an issue :pray: