Will Mojeek Support Search Suggestions

If I install Chrome and start typing in the omnibox, I will get search suggestions from Google.

I know it is a privacy issue. But has Mojeek considered supporting search suggestions?

For example, the settings in Vivaldi allow you to add a suggest URL.

Maybe there could be a suggest.mojeek.com which had a search plugin that included suggestions. In this way, users could opt into suggestions.

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Not during my tenure; no such thing as a bad idea, or one that shouldn’t be looked at, so I’ll raise it :pray:

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For the moment, this is a feature we’d love to add in, but it’s a difficult one.

The Google implementation, for example, is based upon a very large volume of past queries, so in order for this to work at the moment for us we’d have to use a 3rd party API. Doing this would come with a fair few issues of its own.

Rest assured we’re keeping it in mind.

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Sounds good. Thanks for looking into it.

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