Why is my website really well referenced on other SE, but not on Mojeek?

I am one of the admin of the website I Learned, the website seems to be indexed by Mojeek, but it does not appear in search result, even though it appears on the first page of all other SE (excepted DDG, Baidu & Yandex).

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Welcome @ebanDev. I can see that, when I set my location to France, this website appears for the query I learned on the first page of Google (admittedly hidden by a lot of their infoboxes etc.) and on the first page of Startpage, a Google proxy. It doesn’t seem to rank high on Bing, and therefore isn’t on Ecosia, DuckDuckGo, Qwant etc.

Looking at what we have in the index, we don’t seem to have the homepage and this website is something we’ve only come across recently. For the first of these points we’ll set a recrawl to see if that might help more generally. Check back in a few days maybe and see if that has affected what you see when you repeat this.

This being said, The combination of words i learned is going to be quite common across websites, and websites aren’t necessarily just going to rank up top for what they’re called.

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