Why i hate Discourse (and can you pleeeze fix this...)

people seem to often gravitate to the newest fads regardless of how goofy they are, the Discourse forum software bloatware being one of them

i don’t mean to pick on Mojeek staff (too much) for choosing Discourse, but personally i hate it and there’s no shortage of reasons why

  • if you block JS and <noscript> tags, a blank page results - this is nothing less than stupidity on the part of Discourse devs
  • if you block JS and allow <noscript> tags, the forum is useless for anything other than reading (you can’t post)
  • 16 JS files (one of them nearly FOUR MB plus 4 more over 100 KB) and a service worker … to get a forum to function???
  • 2 scroll bars - somebody thought this was intuitive?
  • intercept of browser search (ctrl+f - but it works if you key it twice)
  • i’d like to slap the ding-dong that thought it was a fantastic idea to spam my browser history with a new bookmark every time you stop scrolling a thread … every one of which has the same title and is therefore useless

the last item is the one that i’d like to ask if somebody at Mojeek can fix - perhaps there’s an option to disable this nonsense?

ah it’s about a tool not us so hard to take it that way, criticism of it is useful regardless as there are probably some things which can be changed.

I’ll have a dive into the Discourse metaforum, there’s probably going to be some kind of backend setting that can be switched off.

thanks - appreciated

my idea of a well coded, super efficient, self-contained forum (don’t laugh at the CSS - John admits he’s no style guru) … written in assembly if you can believe it :slight_smile:


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simple, elegant.

On the bookmarks, I’ve found this and will adjust the number down to 3 for the moment to see if that fixes the issue. It is the only thing I can find and I can’t see much of a reason for have more than that many.

Let me know, could be completely unrelated.

i think maybe this is it…

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