What open source licenses does Mojeek accept?

I know there are blog posts about software that Mojeek uses. But I was curious about licensing because that tells me what might interest Mojeek in the future.

There are many different open source licenses. Each can create specific demands on the licensee which constrain what software development and business models are available. So I assume this is something a business must consider before committing to one license or another.

The issue came up for me personally because I realized my bookmarklet doesn’t work everywhere. And if, in principle, there was a Web browser extension which worked everywhere, is that something Mojeek could consume downstream?

In general, there might be a situation where someone wants to develop open source software with Mojeek in mind as a downstream consumer: kind of like a pull request but for something new. And it would help to know what licenses would be accepted all things being equal.



Licenses & Standards | Open Source Initiative

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The only open source we use is libcurl and more recently liblmdb in some places. This means that fortunately we don’t really have a precedent that constrains us. I would imagine that in the absence of other information, Apache 2.0 would work best for Mojeek and author(s). This is probably more a case of “what works for both parties” given their situation, rather than having this or that licence “acceptable” or not. As you may know, things can get complicated and difficult when licence types are different and brought together, but it is hard to generalise about such matters.

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