Web storage = 2.9 MB?

was looking at Firefox’s web storage and noticed the size of the stored data for mojeek.com is 2.9 MB which seems like a lot - this is “cookies” only, not cache, iDB or anything else, yet the dev tools figures, which i assume is in bytes, seems to conflict with the number in the settings UI…

arc         7
cdate       6
def_foc     31
dlen        7
foc_Music   244
foc_Video   234
qss         42
r_foc       6
s_foc       6
si          3
theme       9
tlen        7

Is this in the cookies and site data part of Settings i.e. this list?

Asking so I can dive in :pray:


We get the same from Firefox here, we would assume that it has something to do with caching. Having done a good deal of reading there’s nothing else that makes sense (bugs etc.).

ah! sorry, i messed up - i cache in memory only and so i expected the cache to be dumped when i closed the tab, however apparently it doesn’t work that way

when i restart the browser, storage is as expected (a few kB)

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