Vivaldi Image Search

I never noticed before, but Vivaldi has a code path to right-click on an image and perform an image search.

If at some future date Mojeek can accept an image as input and when Mojeek works better on Vivaldi, it would be useful to plug into this image searching feature.

Animated GIF showing me using the image search feature in Vivaldi.

Here I right-click on an image, click on the Image menu option in the context menu, click Search for Image, and the results are shown in Bing.


Nice. I had no idea that was there on Vivaldi. Thanks for the tip.

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Images are something that we’ve been talking about revisiting for sourcing and functionality. I’ll make a note of this as it’s a cool piece functionality; thanks for the flag (and GIF).

That’s a nice colour background on that Mojeek tab too :wink:

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