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I was using Mojeek to search for some obscure Web 1.0 stuff this weekend. To my surprise and delight twice a category from directory came up in the serps. This was a bunch of pages into the serps but obviously Mojeek has crawled Curlie. Both times the Curlie entry was on topic and very helpful to me.

It’s been a long time since any search engine has included a deep category from a directory in their serps so I was surprised. And yes Curlie seems to have come to life having spent the last 3 years clearing dead wood and recruiting editors. I notice they are accepting submissions again.

I have no affiliation with them, but thanks for including them in the serps. That was helpful to me.

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I was unaware of Curlie, or lost it in my memory banks, so interesting,thanks @Brad. Marc has memeories about it for many years, of course. For some reason, they never added us to their list despite request: Curlie - Computers: Internet: Searching: Search Engines. Josh contacted them recently but also no joy. When their crieria include:

Sites feeding results from another search engine.
Any search engine without their own spider.

Mojeek should be there. Others should not be on that count, but hey ho, this happens all the time. Let’s keep chipping away.


Same here. I submitted - not listed.

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