Support TLD searches

<keywords> site:.<tld>

Or another variant: privacy ?

to search for the word privacy on all websites with the TLD of .com

Happy to raise this, just making sure.

i figured the other major engines seem to work with ‘’, so it might be more intuitive to not introduce a different operator?

as long as a ‘.’ is the first char after ‘site:’, it’s assumed you want to search the TLD

this assumes you guys were planning to introduce ‘site:’ anyway which i think i remember being the case???

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I’ll chase it up, it’s a good idea by way of functionality and you’re completely right on not reinventing the wheel :pray:

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Adding something on top of this, it’s not officially supported, but this is possible at the moment.

If you remove the “.” and use the site function like this: <keyword> site:<tld> then it will do a keyword search across that TLD i.e. Paris site:fr - Mojeek Search

As it’s not something we’ve worked on specifically, it has some quirks. One of these is that using this will result in site clustering to be disabled, so you might end up with a large quantity populated from the same website.

An example of this clustering affecting things can be seen in this set of results: mojeek site:fr - Mojeek Search where you have to go through a fair few pages to find a non result.