Support Page Updates

Both the Desktop and Mobile browser support pages should be looking a bit more fresh (and more populated) if you visit them now. We added in browsers that we’d had questions about but no specific instructions, even where that’s kind of a duplicate because the method for Edge will be Chrome will be Brave etc.

We’ve also included a browser for Android/AOSP-fork distros that has us as default in the form of Privacy Browser. We had no hand in that whatsoever, it came out of our policy re: Javascript, but it’s a very interesting browser with a lot of cool functionality such as JS blocking and a bunch of pre-installed blocklists.

As with all of these, feedback is always useful. When working on this I also found a piece of old news that I’d missed, that full support for Internet Explorer will be discontinued on June 15, 2022 - so that square is likely not long for this world.


Excellent info right here Josh. Thank you.

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This is good and useful. If somebody is interested enough in Mojeek that they want to add it to their browser you should make it as easy as possible for them to find out how to do so and you have.

I do like that you have included some of the alternative browsers right from the start and didn’t just quit with the big names. People who are open to using alt browsers tend to be also more open to trying alt search engines.


For sure, the driving philosophy behind changes like this was to meet the person where they are. Browsers can cause a decent amount of tribalism, some of it good, some of it bad, and we didn’t want to make people feel they were forgotten when it comes to the choice they’ve made.

We also have, cheekily, pointed out on some of the page where we are frozen out of closed systems, unable to even be added as a custom option.

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