Settings in query URL, instead of using cookies

I want to have key search preferences, customization, appearance and so on settings in the query URL. Having a separate settings page is useless, when I don’t use cookies. Now I can put directly the settings in the query how I would like to run my query.

As far as I understood that’s not supported or at least it’s not clearly documented if it is. The settings page could give the query url with “updated preferences” as a string.

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As example with Searx that’s pretty standard procedure.

For reference Tweeted here:

For reference

This piece of functionality is basically finished - it’s just in the final testing stages. Once we’ve got Focus out, it will be our next target. Likely the next few weeks.


Link to the blog post about cookies:

The actual settings screen and URL constructor is also present:

Only thing missing, was direct search link with preferences, but of course that was quite obvious thing to construct and worked just as expected. It’s good that the option wasn’t blocked on purpose. So you can use the parameters directly with /search.

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