Searching Email addresses

Someone complained to me that they received quite a lot of spam on a specific email address. My first reaction was to go and check the contact page of their website. Turns out that they have their email address in text on their website.

I wanted to scan the website to see what other pages included the e-mail address. Question is: how do I search for email addresses?

One of the options I tried was to just search for This returned a few pages that included the mail address, but it also returned other pages. Pages that included just the first part of the mail address and just random pages of the same domain.

Another option I tried, was to add quotes to the prompt (""). With this prompt, I didn’t get any result. Even when using the “site” operator.

So now I’m wondering what whether we need an extra operator to be ably to find email addresses or what the best way to search for these is?


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It looks like the general issue is being looked into.