Search term "conversions" brings back irrelevant results

I just searched for the word “conversions” with and without quotation marks.

In both cases, the first page of results is dominated by hits for a different word, “conversation” (or sometimes the brand name Converse), with no option to remove them.

I’m actually looking for web pages about conversions, so a) the results aren’t useful and b) there’s no way for me to correct what Mojeek is doing.


  • Conversions → conversation isn’t a useful fuzzy match. Despite the shared root they mean completely different things in modern English.

  • If I search for word x, and Mojeek thinks I mean word y, I think it should probably say “did you mean…” rather than giving me results for a different word.

  • If Mojeek is sufficiently confident of a fuzzy match to just crack on and include the results, there should be an option to remove them if you don’t want them (Google says something like “this includes results for y, did you just want x?”). Otherwise you can get stuck in a situation where Mojeek is effectively blocking you from running the search you want to run.

  • Ideally, when I search for a single word in quotation marks, I would only want to see exact matches, at least at the top of my results?


Thanks for flagging this one; it’s the product of a similar but slightly different issue, one of overstemming rather than fuzzy matching. The word “conversions” here is being stemmed down to “convers” which is causing the issue.

We’ve now got it down to look into and fix :pray: if you see anything else similar then you can use here or the Support inbox - whichever you find easiest.

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