Search Options Missing?

Mojeek suggestions for search options. Excuse me if it’s already been discussed. In addition to Mojeek vigilance in protecting the privacy of citizen users around the world from bad actors, rogue agencies and repressive regimes (a big deal BTW), the following features are worthy of the developers time:

. Search By Date
. Shopping*

  • It is difficult today to find products, and then also to find products from more than a couple of monopoly sources, due to all the data mining & monetized product placement deals put into search engines by companies actively buying & selling all of our info (against our will). Just saying. Your independence is appreciated. Really.

Hello and welcome @rocky01

Search By Date is not always perfect, but is available; there’s more in

The operators are before: and since: can be used like this:

  • ‘before:20200101 query’ will find matches for ‘query’ on webpages whose modified date is before January 1 2020, whereas
  • ‘since:20200101 query’ will find matches for ‘query’ on webpages whose modified date is on or after January 1 2020.

I’ll add it to our sheet. One thing which comes to mind is that Focus could be useful for this if you have some sites that you already like to use which don’t engage in these behaviours. Surveillance-free shopping as a Focus :thinking:

Very happy to hear it! :pray: Let us know if there’s anything else that comes to mind.