Seach index map updates

Did the Seach Index Map receive any updated after it’s initial release? I noticed that some search engines were missing from the map (Brave Search) and also saw an article from Qwant that they also have an own index. I can’t find any updates on that index that are more recent than that article from 2018, though. Unless the jointed force Synfonium is a way to improve that index

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We’ve got a sitting task to give it a bit of an update. On Qwant, aside from things which have come out of them, there isn’t really much evidence that they have an index that would justify being put as anything other than a meta on the map. In fact, if you can read French, there is a decent amount in their media which would suggest there’s not really anything of note that they’ve crawled.

A very good read on this, from someone who frequents this forum, is this:

but there is also a fair bit on their Wiki (reasonably-recently updated) which gives you more on this situation:

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