Saving The Mojeek Wikipedia Page

It would appear that our Wikipedia page has recently been marked for not meeting Wiki’s general notability guideline.

When it comes to secondary sources, we are doing some relevant work, which will be escalated as we really could do with not losing this page.

In terms of recent updates we have Search Choices, but this is only a primary source thing, so would not meet the requirements.

It is possible that our joining with other tech companies to call for a Ban on Surveillance Ads and/or our joining with others to push for legislation around competitive digital markets could be relevant.

On top of this there is also our work in responding to the Online Safety Bill, here referenced within a larger list.

We also have our inclusion in the Pale Moon browser’s search list and the as-default status in Privacy Browser.

These are just some that come to mind when thinking of a way to solve this problem, but I would be very interested if people had more. Crucially this is not something that we can really fix ourselves directly, as Wiki is, understandably, not a fan of entities messing about with pages that refer to them. Neutrality is key and we respect that.

If anyone has any ideas or knows Wikipedia well, you’d be helping us out a lot here.

I don’t know much about the business of Wikipedia.

But I am wondering if there is some formal reason why this page is valuable.

I know that there is a certain amount of prestige associated with an entry. But I don’t remember ever reading this page. And the same information can appear at

Also, I don’t think delisting says anything about Mojeek. The people here know the significance of the independent index and focus on privacy. Those things aren’t changing.

I think it is worth clicking on the article’s Edit tab and making a copy of the current page for the company library.

I think the editors will come round as Mojeek grows organically.

I wish I could remember how I came across Mojeek originally. Perhaps some of the newer users could comment on their experiences. I believe I was interested in the index and the potential there. The shorthand in my brain is that Mojeek is only the third index besides Google and Bing.

I think we’ve talked about marketing before. Though I’m not sure what the result was there. I have a general sense that some of the opportunities were not productive for the company.

Maybe this is an opportunity to think about what the expectations are internally and what data is available to support decision-making.

Personally, I don’t like to rely on others. And I’m not sure of the wisdom in relying on the Wikipedia editors to support Mojeek. I’m sure they have their own concerns which might not be particularly relevant or productive for the company. For example, what is the payoff in meeting the notability requirements versus working directly on the Mojeek engine or marketing?

Whatever happens, I think things will be ok.

I hope this helps.


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While the article states the size of the index, nowhere is it made clear that Mojeek is the 3rd (or 4th largest depending how you count Yandex) English lang. index of the web with it’s own crawler.

I don’t think they understand just how important Mojeek actually is because they really don’t know squat about search engines.

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I wish I could remember how I came across Mojeek originally. Perhaps some of the newer users could comment on their experiences.

Comfortable but dissatisfied with the compromise of Duckduckgo and Startpage (respect for user’s privacy, but still using Bing and Google’s results), I started looking for another search engine with an independent index. I came across a Neocities article that wasn’t as good as Seirdy’s but informed me of the existence of Gigablast and Mojeek. This was before Brave Search’s beta was released.