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I recently experienced the missing of a ‘safe search’ in Mojeek (I was for the page with info regarding the affiliate program of a local company and apparently, a website with adult content had something on their website and they ranked 1st. The company is was looking for, ranked 2nd).

In the ‘advanced search’ function, I can add words to exclude words from the results. But these settings aren’t saved for all searches. I was wondering if that could perhaps be a useful function (sort of a self maintained ‘safe search’)? A list of words you do not want to see in the search results.

P.S.: I was also wondering about perhaps a link to the advanced search option in the menu or somewhere else on the homepage. Now, you first have to search for somerhing to then have the option to go for advanced search.

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So we have an actual Safe Search feature in development currently, which would for sure help here, but for the moment this:

This is possible, i.e.±search±search±browser


Noted on that, thanks :pray:

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I’m aware of the operators (I didn’t test, but I guess that the advanced search is basically the same as the operators), but those are on a per-search basis that you have to set. I was looking for a feature to filter words out on a more permanent basis. Like a setting that gets saved with a cookie as you do with other settings. That way, I would have to filter out certain words in every single search :smile:

Good to know, though, that you have a safe search function in the works. I’m looking forward to it :heart_eyes:

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This is something you can test if you’d like now, we believe it’s very close to done (it has to work its way through the index) it is activated by adding &safe=1 i.e.

Using that to illustrate the parameter, this is not a search which seems to be affected (understandably)

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