Result hidden by cluster

By default, Mojeek has clustering on. This is a setting I actually haven’t touched yet.

I now just entered a URL into Mojeek and the results returned another page of the same website. Granted, the page in the results had a link to the page I was trying to find. So there was a tag on it. But I’m a bit confused as to why that gets priority over the page with the exact URL? I had to try again “without site clustering” to find the URL I entered.

I know it might seem odd to search for a URL you want to go to, but I am curious as to (1) why Mojeek didn’t show that as the first result. Also, (2) after clicking the “without site clustering” link, the results seem to be forever without site clustering for that particular search query. Could someone explain these behaviours?

Thanks for the feedback.

This would depend on details of the ranking. This can certainly happen. If you are able to send us the query it would be a useful example as we are currently looking at this issue.

We are not sure what you mean by this. It seems to work fine for all pathways, at least for all those I have just tried. Can you explain what steps you are doing?


The full URL is:
To not get an error, I had the trim the end of it. I also had to trim the beginning because with the page didn’t show up in the results with the https://www.. So in the end was the URL I used for my search.

The first time I searched for this, I got the old “try again without site clustering”. After clicking that, I saw the exact URL that I was searching for. Since I wanted to trace back all my steps in order to try to find out what was happening and to compile my question here, I re-entered the URL as described above. The second time, the results showed up without clustering by default. So once I clicked the “try without clustering” for a particular search, that exact search will default to showing me the results without clustering (I confirmed this for multiple searches).

The functionality is working fine, no actual issues here. But just something I was wondering if this was intentionally so and why.


Thanks @Videonas that’s most helpful. We’ll look into these.