Recipe Template Suggestion

Here’s a website that I find very useful:

Their articles are quite lengthy, but not because of irrelevant stories. Rather, they prefer the scientific approach, often doing extensive experimentation, explaining their methodologies and analyzing the results, making their recipes incredibly reliable in my experience. Furthermore, they explain the concepts in cooking really well, effectively teaching people how to adjust or improvise with their dishes.

Here are some samples showing these comprehensive experiments:

I believe that this site would be a great addition to the Recipe Template, for people who not only wants to have recipes, but also to understand and create their own.


I’m surprised I hadn’t come across thie one before, as you say a very large amount of good content is put up top instead of the first time I ever encountered pasta alla norma I was in Palermo, it was the year… recipe-blog-spam-nonsense.

For the Focus Templates, there is a repository on Github this was originally pitched as a place for users to send in templates that they find useful, but as is spelled out in the readme, edits of existing Templates are also encouraged.

I’ve tested this amend (on Recipe2 as I still have the original switched on) as:


and it all seems good to me; if you’re on Github and willing, you’re welcome to make an Issue or Pull Request to add in that extra website.