Recent Focus Updates

Off the back of feedback, both from here and the team, we have rolled out these amendments to Focus:

  • Allow more characters for Focus Name field - this allows spaces in Focus and name length has now been upped to 24 characters
  • Serp elements overriding Focus issue - Fixed wiki and official sites showing when unwanted
  • Not much UI control in Focus settings - Focus settings are now split up on the dashboard
  • Focus does not redirect to dashboard after creation - Fixed so that you return to Dashboard after creating Focus
  • Make Focus deleteable from the dashboard - Can delete from dashboard now via a button.

Let us know how you find these changes, and if you have anything else that you’d like to point out.

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Does this refer to those cookies I had an issue with?

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Yes, this is what caused it; sorry about that one.

For reference, these are the new settings.

Focus Menu

Search Bar On

Search Bar Off

Focus Tab

Results Page On

Results Page Off

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