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In response to the recent blog, I also want to mention that I have a custom number of results per page.

I manually modified the cookie to use the value 34 so that I only have to click twice to get to the 100th result. Quickly seeing the first one hundred results helps when giving feedback.

  • First, I had set a cookie by visiting Settings > Search Results > Results per page, and setting the value to a non-default value (eg 40).
  • Click the ‘Save’ button to set the cookie.

Now, when I search, I receive 34 results per page.

You can also use the cookieless URL parameter shown below. Include that parameter in any bookmark to preserve the setting.

(Note that ‘cookieless’ is a released feature now.)


It’s actually a great point that these parameters can be even more customised providing you’re willing/know how to change those cookies.

Is there a particular reason for the choice of 34 here @mike, or just an example to show the changes?

There were a few early feedback emails where it seemed like I viewed the first ten or twenty results and you or Colin viewed the first one hundred results while investigating. I thought it would save time if I could resolve my issue or provide more information in the initial feedback. So, I changed my strategy to view the first one hundred results before sending feedback.

Rather than click nine times, t=34 will show me the first 102 results with only two clicks. The “t” parameter won’t go over 40 ( :sunglasses: :motorcycle: :dash: ). And I’m not sure that I would want 50 or 100 results on the first page. From experience, sometimes there will be a clue in the first 30 results that were not in the first 10. So, 34 is a good balance for my needs.

I could set t=40 from the user interface at /preferences to get a similar result without manually setting the cookie. But, I often don’t look at more than the first 100 results. So, 102 results are fine.

You might notice from my screen capture that the cookie will expire next year. When I started, it seemed like cookie flags were coming and going. So, I set the expiration for a year as a reminder to revisit my cookies. And, I’ll probably set it more permanently (eg year 2080) next time. … that’s in my default Firefox profile. In Vivaldi, I have &t=34 in my browser’s search URL setting. So, it is already a permanent setting there.

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