Question about safe search

So for safe search, i assume you have a list of adult sites which you block. I want to obtain it so that i can add these websites to other lists. It seems to block a lot of xxx websites that aren’t on other blocklists.

Hey @greentears, we are working on a safesearch, but we do not have one implemented when it comes to the current version of Mojeek.

but you do!

and i can turn it on by making a search like this-
searchterms safe=1

Yes, this is a piece of functionality which we’ve put into the API side of things, but it hasn’t got to a point where it is rolled out fully yet (as far as I understand). I can ask some questions on this, but I am not sure if this is actually done with a list of sites, it is a pretty in-house solution as far as I understand. @ricardo81 should have something of a more-informed response here.

Can confirm there’s no predefined list of sites, pages are evaluated individually. It is currently a work in progress and will continually be improved for English and rolled out to more supported languages in the near future.

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