[proposal] Mojeek partnership with Gab

anybody at Mojeek consider integrating search or working with Gab in some way?

some Gab stats

for the unaware, Gab is a free speech platform with a focus on creating a parallel economy - in addition to a Twitter/Facebook-like social platform, they also have a video platform, a marketplace, some sort of payment processor i believe, and other stuff in the pipeline, and they now have their own infrastructure which is resistant to being taken down (you might remember that Gab was briefly taken off-line at one point by those who are offended by free speech)

an excerpt from the latest email from Gab CEO…

For six years now Gab has been building in the digital world. We’ve built an entire Facebook alternative technology ecosystem that includes a social network, a marketplace, an advertising platform, micro-communities (groups), and soon our own payment processor in the form of GabPay.


Now that we’ve achieved and exported digital sovereignty to millions of people our next goal is to empower and inspire even more people to achieve physical sovereignty in the real world. We want to teach you how to achieve energy sovereignty, food sovereignty, educational sovereignty for your children, sovereignty for your church and local community, and much more.

We want to help you start a homestead, homeschool your kids or start a new private school run by people who share your values, learn to farm, prep, ranch, and be sustainable on your own. We want you to learn about sourcing your own food, water, and energy without permission from people who hate you and want you dead. We want to teach you how to capture political control of your local community be it the school board, mayor, town council, and everything in between.

We continuously engage with a variety of potential commercial partners, so suggestions are welcome and appreciated. Obviously there is a rise of social platforms competing with Gab, such as Gettr, Parler, Truth. With limited bandwidth we do sometimes reach out to companies; if they seem to be credible, and well aligned with our values and goals. Generally engagement and co-operation is more likely to be fruitful when companies approach us first. Sometimes this is a result of users/customers who suggest to companies that they should look at, and contact Mojeek.

I’d probably steer clear of Gab, given their far-right userbase. Other engines specifically interested in conservative audiences have a presence there so I think they’re covered.

Courting Gab would make Mojeek look like one of the “alt tech” platforms in the vein of Parler, Trump’s Truth Social, etc. which is problematic, to put it very lightly.


in addition to far right content, not all of which is untrue, you’ll find allot of information you won’t find on left-leaning platforms, including information from many doctors, scientists, independent journalists and creditable researchers