Policies.json setup

i’m settin’ up a policies.json file for Firefox

ref: policy-templates | Policy Templates for Firefox

    "SearchEngines": {
      "Add": [
          "Name": "Mojeek",
          "URLTemplate": "https://www.mojeek.com/search?q={searchTerms}",
          "Method": "GET",
          "IconURL": "https://www.mojeek.com/favicon.ico",
          "Alias": "mojeek",
          "Description": "Mojeek web search engine",
          "PostData": "name=value&q={searchTerms}",
          "SuggestURLTemplate": "https://www.example.org/suggestions/q={searchTerms}"

what should PostData be?

and i assume the SuggestURLTemplate can be deleted since suggestions are not available?

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PostData can be left blank - as this is set to GET it should be fine.