Pingora: Cloudflare HTTP Proxy

Rust-written Pingora software that is said to be serving over one trillion
requests per day and delivering better performance while only using about a
third of the CPU and memory resources.

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If you’re filtering incoming traffic, Pingora might be worth looking at.

I want to say Cloudflare open sourced their network proxy which would be awesome. This is a step down from that. Pingora is a framework and libraries you can use to build a proxy service. It is based on Rust. And Cloudflare describes it as production ready. But, the API has not been stabilized.

A few years ago, Cloudflare produced Pingora in-house to replace NGINX as a proxy. The limiting factor was NGINX’s worker/process model which limited efficiency and increased costs.

The earlier blog post (linked below) is worth reading for a tour of the available alternatives and a better overview of Pingora’s use.

Pingora Features

  • Apache 2.0 License
  • Build services on top of HTTP/1 and HTTP/2, TLS, or just TCP/UDP.
  • As a proxy, it supports HTTP/1 and HTTP/2 end-to-end, gRPC, and websocket proxying.
  • Pingora provides zero downtime graceful restarts to upgrade itself.
  • The blog has a simple demo of a load balancer.
  • Developers who previously worked on NGINX can easily switch to Pingora and quickly become productive.