Partial Matching

I was searching for the manual page for Bash. I did not remember the hostname for the Arch manual pages. So, I searched with a partial name. But, Mojeek did not recognize this.

Does Mojeek support partial matches for a hostname?

For example, should the following

bash inurl:man.arch


We don’t support partial matches for hostnames, and it’s not a very easy thing to do right (or as common as some might think). Examples like expertsexchange can be used to demonstrate this.

There are other methods which can be used to pick up these variations which don’t necessitate splitting the words, so sometimes we do (or seem to) pick up these.

This being said, using inurl will always make it 100% strict, which is going to be the right call most of the time in our eyes.


i keep forgetting about inurl: and instead find myself using site:, so thanks for the reminder!

oh, btw @mike, $ man bash but i suspect you knew that

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