NXP Hack ~

Dutch chipmaker NXP was hacked from about 2017 to 2020. Their response was to put a vague note in an annual report. But they never made it clear that they were seriously compromised for multiple years. NXP makes chips for iPhones, Apple Watches, cars, FIDO security keys, and transit passes.

Since it seems clear that NXP knows more than they have disclosed, I think it is worth putting pressure on the company to say more especially since their chips are used in security contexts.

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every Intel and AMD CPU/board has been back-doored since 2006 and 2013, respectively - it’s called Management Engine in Intel’s case and Secure Technology / Platform Security Processor in AMD’s case

all mainstream phones, or any other devices that connect to the cellular network, are also compromised

potential solution: Raptor Computing Systems::Talos™ II