Nothing Phone Chat App Sends Messages Unencrypted

It looks like the Nothing phone has lost all credibility.

It’s unbelievable that these two companies made it this far—the launch of Nothing Chats required a systemic security failure across two entire companies.



This is definitely the right thing to do with such a vuln:

Batuhan Içöz, a product engineer for, also released a tool that will delete some of your data from Sunbird’s servers.

I read most of the article. This is all very dumb.

And this is all so, what? You can have fancier text when you message your iPhone-owning counterparts? All of the people I texted when I owned an Apple phone had an Android phone, so I never missed out on anything and don’t really get what the fuss is about.

Oof, Nothing is one I keep my eyes on as it is alternative hardware and a British company, and this is not great. A friend of mine has an early version of the headphones and he’s obsessed with the way they Darth Vader out of the case.

I think one of the problems here might be that the onus has seemingly always been put on how the technology looks (the glyph thing, marketing through models etc.) and not so much the backbone. I would wager that this was probably asked for in a fashion by users and then implemented in a not-great way. Hopefully a learning opportunity.

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