New Try Elsewhere Selections

Nice selections in a post Gigablast world so I switched some stuff around.

Metager instead of DDG.

Yep instead of Yandex.

Lilo has Cloudflare blocking me. Anyone else getting blocked?

I’m still using Brave but they make me uneasy.

Trying You.

Thanks for updating the list.


Glad to hear they’re of use to you @Brad!

I’m managing to use Lilo in my setup so not here (not a massively useful response, I know).

As a search enthusiast, is there anything you’d have put up there as well?

No, I think you have a good selection for just about any user. I do have my eye on Alexandra but I don’t quite think it’s ready yet.

Yep was a good addition mainly because it dredges up some interesting off the mainstream sites.

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