New Look Website

We’ve recently released an update to the big majority of pages on Mojeek. These are the informational, support, user and customer pages. We’d love to hear what you think of them.




Let us know what you think!


I like the new design! It’s very modern. Also I would just like to point out that when implementing modern style, please don’t implement the modern bloat that seems to come with it on just about every modern website :grin: The snappiness of a website is important to the whole experience, in my opinion (not saying that the site isn’t snappy, but it’s way easier to prevent bloat early than refactoring it later)


Hi Nova, frontend dev / designer for mojeek here :smile: Glad you like the design. It has been my project for the last few months. We have taken quite a few efforts to make sure that the site remains accessible for keyboard navigation and screen readers, and having page elements as set components has helped to reduce the complexity and keep bloat down. That being said I totally agree with you about keeping it down from the outset and we want users to get the best experience when using Mojeek so ill make sure to keep an eye on it.