Name Stemming

I did a quick search for

larry summers firing line

But it did not seem like Mojeek recognized larry as a stem for Lawrence

I did not find the correct link anywhere in the results while searching for larry

Only searching with Lawrence showed the correct result. It was even ranked first.


Is name stemming a feature that Mojeek is planning on adding?


Stemming - Wikipedia



Hey Mike,

This is for sure an understemming issue and it’s something we’re aware of and will be looking at in the coming weeks - and not just for names - with a view to improving how it is handled.

Thanks for the example as it has been added to a few that we’ve had in recently which show where Mojeek is falling down.

Also, I wasn’t aware that Firing Line had been rebooted. Courtesy of the Hoover Institution Archive’s YouTube Channel (sorry for pointing at a G**gle property) I’ve watched a load of the original, I will definitely check out this.


“Mauritian” was not recognized as a stem for “Mauritius” while using my Focus Engine.



I expected to see this page.

I’m using the new algorithm.


Thanks for pointing this one out @mike, interestingly enough those two words are not stemmed at all. Can’t really say how you’d solve this one, but it has gone into the “things to think about” pile.

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