Mojeek translate

I noticed that the Mojeek site is offered in 3 languages (English, French, German). If I would know another language, could I help translate? Or are these option limited on purpose?

This is an area that I’m going to be looking at in the notsodistant future, and the limitation there is more a case of needing to draw a line somewhere so we didn’t spend all our time translating the site into every possible language (although obviously that would be an aspiration eventually).

This is an extremely generous offer, and I wouldn’t turn it down, although we wouldn’t be doing this imminently. Can I ask which language(s) you’ve got in your roster @Videonas?

It’s understandable that you make choices about your priorities.

Personally, I know some French which is already covert. And I also know Dutch. It’s not the biggest language out there, but I sometimes enjoy reaching out and helping others. I was also thinking that maybe there might be a greater adoption of Mojeek when it’s available in more languages. Maybe Dutch isn’t going to help with that, but it would be a language that you wouldn’t need to spend time, energy and resources on :man_shrugging:

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Can I help to translate Indonesia Language?