Mojeek Search Trends

Ok. This might be controversial.

Google has Google Trends which looks like a solution that gives some info about what people are searching for on the internet while, in my opinion, also preserving privacy.

Would Mojeek be able to share such data? I think it might give interesting insight into what people are searching for on Mojeek. It might enable us to create websites about topics that are searched a lot on mojeek or adapt content in such way that people might find it easier on Mojeek?

I know that there are pro’s and con’s about publishing such data, but I’d like to open the discussion and get some opinions.

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Never against controversial ideas :wink: this is for sure possible in a privacy-preserving way, and I will chuck the idea up on our list of things people have requested, but it’s not likely to be one that we looking at soon :pray:

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