Mojeek results cache?

it would be great if mojeek would allow accessing cached results because I come across a lot of dead websites when using mojeek, similar to, bing and yandex also have cached results, even having a link to wayback machine would be useful!

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One thing I thought was interesting from Kagi was their Blast From The Past category of results:

These results are authentic to Kagi. To provide them, we even crawl the Wayback Machine to dig up great content that no longer exists in its original state online. In every search, Kagi will always display unique results when possible as well as some of the typical fare.

Source: Kagi Search FAQ


yeah, that’s a great feature in kagi (it’s also in teclis), but I was thinking something similar to how Google does it (a button next to the url to view the cached page).

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We have thought about something similar before. There are some issues which come with this with regard to ownership of content etc. but obviously there are other options out there who provide it so it’s not so much of a concern.

It’s not ridiculously simple - thinking on it, media, links, scripts and similar things within this would have to have URLs either absolute or blanked. This process isn’t something that’s complex either. Just a time thing really, will raise it onto our board.

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but obviously there are other options out there who provide it so it’s not so much of a concern.

ah well, I wasn’t able to find some pages from mojeek even on wayback machine :(, that’s part of the reason I posted this, I guess it’s because mojeek indexes a lot of small websites that other search engines (and wayback machine) don’t.

here is an example:
mojeek has this URL indexed but I can’t find the page anywhere else.

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One of those unique issues that come from an independent index :smile: the idea of keeping the smaller websites that have disappeared alive in some form is one that I fully support. We are thinking on it; as above, it is just a matter of time and very doable.

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