Mojeek News Update

Today we’ve pushed an update to Mojeek News, adding in images, as requested before in this post, and also providing clustering, so each story space will pull together takes from other publications on the same topic.

On top of that the layout is very different on those category pages, providing a more news-homepage-like experience. This has come off the back of gradual work on the number and spread of sources (thanks I think to @mike in part for flagging some bits he couldn’t find, which helped with that). Interested in how people find this more visual version of /news :pray:


Looks nice. Do you have a list of organizations that show up here? Can anyone show up in the news (by sending some signal to the crawler in the code of a webpage)?

For some reason, not all results in the news seem to have a preview image while they do on other search engines

The second news item on Ecosia

Just gave it a look on mobile. Looks great to me (except on those weird occasions when the featured image is extremely low-res).

Hi folks, thanks for the feedback!

The image’s missing and pixelation issues we’re aware of - internally it’s on our radar and something we’re looking into.

@Josh cc’d for info



This would be quite numerous as we went on a bit of a mission with UK local and regionals, which are surprisingly large in number.

It’s an interesting idea, and has been noted, for the moment if we’re adding anything else in, it’s with a view to filling in gaps. One such example was the passing of a software engineer and activist which didn’t show up on a name search. Examples like that are very valuable, and can be sent in via the same submit feedback process, if that’s the easiest method for you :smile:


Looks good.

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We’ve started working on that specific issue. There should be a bit of an improvement already, but there is more to come.


I can give some context.

That was me reporting the death of Bram Moolenaar, the creator of Vim. I got the news from the Vim mailing list. But, I waited a few days and, while there were some results under the Web tab, nothing showed under the News tab. So, I gave feedback describing the issue.

Some have asked for examples of good feedback. This is one.

You can use the ‘Submit feedback’ button on any search results page.


As above, so below; we’ve just added in category buttons at the bottom of the page to make it that bit more navigable.


:+1: so much more navigable

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