Mojeek needs more Marketing!

So, where do we Brits go from here? And, has anyone been tasked with ‘getting the show on the road’? I know nothing about the Mojeek management team or Mojeek’s business plan for the future. Would anyone care to elaborate?

Hi Everyone,

This afternoon, I made an exciting discovery! I had a look at Wilders’ Security Forums on which I have been a member for a few years. It made reference to the following review:

And, what a wonderful surprise I received. To my delight, there was a mention of Mojeek. It looks like Mojeek received some favourable words by Sven Taylor.


Here are a few big posts from 2020. Things have moved on obviously, and good progress but will give you a flavour.

I’m still navigating around Mojeek Discourse. Has anyone else seen the Restore Privacy review? If so, do you have any comments? TIA.

I don’t appear to have had any replies to the question that I posed immediately above. I’m referring to my question about Restore Privacy. Perhaps I don’t fully understand how Mojeek Discourse works. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Hey @Zed, we’re aware of it, it’s a good piece that shows a good understanding of some problems which our work aims to raise awareness of and provide some solutions to i.e.

Many of the alternative and private search engines are nothing more than private proxies that deliver the same search results from the big players

This bit (as is called out by the title) was added somepoint this year along with Yandex - not so sure on their privacy practices, mind.

It’s a different way of viewing things, and one that we definitely like to see more writing on, a good answer to the question why would you build your own index instead of just using Bing?

We’ll have an update coming up pretty soon for Sven if he so cares to amend it, as we’ve got a billion on top of that figure and will soon be at 6bn :smile:

On the marketing front.
The good part is that Mojeek is on the list in that article. What always worries me is when Mojeek is not even on the list, like they never heard of it.

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