Mojeek hasn't discovered Warhammer's new official website 6 months after launch

Hi Mojeek,

First of all, keep up the good work - Mojeek is getting better and better!

Secondly, a bit of feedback about a surprising omission from the index.

One of my hobbies is Warhammer. This is a tabletop wargame with tiny plastic elves, orcs, space marines, etc… The game and associated collectibles are made by Games Workshop, a FTSE 250 company.

Six months ago, Games Workshop changed their main website from to The former domain now redirects to the latter one, which ranks 45,001st on the Majestic Million.

When I run a Mojeek search for warhammer, I can see lots of popular Warhammer-related sites (including some of the other official ones, like, but there aren’t yet any results at all from The closest I can see is, and that’s on page 3 of the results.

If I do some experiments using the “site:” operator, it seems that the Mojeek index has lots of pages from, but no results at all from yet.

Games Workshop relaunched the website as in October '23, but it seems like Mojeek’s crawler hasn’t found it yet, despite lots of backlinks?

Thanks a lot @Stuart!

The issue here is one of the redirect that is happening on the site; it is quite a complicated one and an issue that we’re aware of not just for (which for me loads and passes me to /en-GB/home).

We’ve begun some work on fixing this kind of issue but as of yet don’t have an ETA for when it will likely be ready.