Mojeek Evaluation Page New Testing Algorithm

We’ve switched out the algorithm which is up for testing on the Algorithm Evaluation page so if you’re looking for a way to give those of us at Mojeek a Christmas present then a few searches would be much appreciated.

This is one which hasn’t really shifted much from test queries, but it would be great to understand if there’s just something we’re unable to see because of the nature of these :pray:

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Great stuff.

Perhaps you could make this more visible? There seems to be no links from the homepage or search results page to the /eval page.

I’ve also quickly performed some searches using search operators to check if the page could be found elsewhere and found that:

In Mojeek

  • The Algorithm Evaluation page isn’t indexed itself
  • There are only mentions of this page/links to this page on the blog and the community forum.

In DuckDuckgo

  • Same as in Mojeek
  • The actual Algorithm Page is indexed, but the search result points out that the site doesn’t alow for a meta description

It looks to me like the Algorithm Evaluation page is well hidden. This might be done to avoid an overload on that page, but perhaps it’s a bit too well hidden? (At least that’s what I’m thinking)

At the moment this is pretty much it; we have a blog piece referencing it from a while back and push out via the newsletter and/or here when there’s something else on there. Will take this into consideration in the future though.

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