Map Integration

Hey guys, just a quick feature-request here. It would be great if we could integrate maps into Mojeek and have it as an option like we currently have “web, images and news results”.

I think using Open Street Maps API would be our best shot, as you may already know, it is completely open-source, contributors around the world continue to contribute and add new places, even normal users can suggest places that may be missing, so it could be added by a verified contributor, pretty much like Wikipedia. OSM is constantly evolving and I think it would be a perfect fit for Mojeek, especially as we grow, It would be great to have map integrated search results (Example; when I search for coffee shop in Toronto Canada, Google/DDG gives me map results as well, showing nearby coffee shops with reviews).

And of course, Google has reviews integrated with it’s map service, but for OSM, I am not sure they have that capability, so we could add another layer from Yelp or so later on so we can implement the reviews and etc.

Especially on my mobile, having map integrated search results is a must for me, searching up for a destination, or a popular location should give me results from maps as well, apart from just website links.

Just a small feature request, I am pretty sure this may already be on the radar, but as a user, this is sometimes a need for me, and just putting that out there for you guys :wink:

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Maps is in development and using OSM. A big project for us and important rather than small feature. Currently in Beta if your location is UK, as below, but built with global database.

Screenshot 2022-04-21 at 09.19.50


Maps would be a big feature to implement but a welcome and very natural progression, especially with smartphone use so high and rising.

I think the parent company of Startpage just bought Mapquest so I think we can guess they are working on something similar.

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@Colin That is great to hear! Unfortunately, I am living in the US, so not able to properly test it out, waiting eagerly for wide release!

Try teleporting in Mojeek like this:

then a search like this:

currently you need to use trigger words “in” or “near”
so: something [in/near] location


I just tried it out, and I think this is a great start, here are some of my suggestions;

  • Add a “map” section beside sections like “web”, “images”, and “news”, so we could use it as we normally would on Google with their maps service, searching exclusively on maps.

  • Wide rollout; If our maps are based on Open Street Maps, I bet it could do a great job worldwide, or at least really well in Europe and North America, as I have used OSM before on Mexico, Canada and now the USA.


Thanks. We are working now on complete worldwide coverage, based on OSM.

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