Language Testing

Howdy all, this is quite a vague request, but if anyone is able to read German, Spanish, or (particularly) French, and is willing to give a bit of feedback on how Mojeek performs for these languages then it would be much appreciated! :fr: :es: :de:

No particular kind of search, and all good, middling, and bad comments are useful :pray:

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Hello, I am currently living in Buenos Aires, so much of my searching is in Spanish and focused on Argentina. I will be giving feedback here.
My first search is about the Buenos Aires book fair which started two days ago.
Searching for “buenos aires feria del libro” gives as first result the web page of last year’s event. The following results are related, but I would not use them.
In comparison, a Searxng instance using google, searching for “feria libro” and selecting “Argentine spanish” returns this year’s website, this year’s program, tickets page, the relevant article at one of the two main newspapers and the official tourism website’s post.


Thanks a lot for this @nikolasdi (and welcome) this is actually an issue that we are aware of, and we’ve been tweaking things over the past few weeks to improve in this area. This being said, those tweaks have to go through the index, so they won’t be immediate improvements. Good to find an example that aligns with something we were already actively working on though :pray: